A unique (and super fun) storytelling method for language learning.

A product designed for our own kids.

FabuLingua is something we were looking for and didn’t manage to find.

Since our kids were born, we knew we wanted them to speak Spanish.  Not only because of Leslie’s heritage, but because we were very aware of the significant advantages of learning a second language, especially during early childhood.  However, we found ourselves frustrated with the grind and ineffectiveness of existing products and services for kids.




It had to be fun...

We wanted a solution that was thorough AND fun at the same time. Something effective at teaching them a language that didn’t make them feel like they were doing extra homework. A solution that they could use on their own or together with us.


IT had to be effective…

So Leslie gradually created her own unique methodology around children’s books.  It was based on her own experience with languages, her studies in psychology and linguistics, and insights from her work as a simultaneous translator in college. As she developed the method, she tested it over and over again on her kids.
And it worked!

Both kids were engaged and developed Spanish language skills that far exceeded their peers by preschool and elementary.


FabuLingua’s mission is to make learning a second language more entertaining and accessible for children so that future generations grow up to be more open-minded, culturally aware and better prepared for an increasingly globalized world.


The Team


Leslie Omana Begert


The heart and soul of FabuLingua. Her drive, passion for reading stories and appreciation of the importance of heritage led to the creation of FabuLingua and serves as our guiding light.

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Leslie comes from a multicultural family and was raised in a bilingual environment in Barcelona, Spain. Her interest in linguistics, however, started at Oxford University, where she studied the linguistic development of children from different language backgrounds for her degree in Psychology. During summers, she served as a simultaneous translator for anthropological expeditions that she organized to various countries. Leslie went on to further explore cultural differences with a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University. As a young professional, she gained experience in finance at Goldman Sachs and product management at L’Oréal, both in London; as a sculptor in Shanghai and real estate developer in Buenos Aires. It was then in Austin, when her adventure as a mother-of-two began, that these experiences and interests came together, and her mind turned to the problem of how to build a better system for kids to learn a second language so that she could reconnect them to her family heritage.


Mark Begert


Charting FabuLingua’s course with a steady hand, Mark’s strategic thinking, business background and team-building skills will empower FabuLingua to realize Leslie’s vision.

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Throughout his life, Mark has appreciated the effect of multicultural exposure. He has lived and worked in Dallas, Boston, New York, London (where he met Leslie), Tokyo, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Austin (where they started a family!). During this time, he has accumulated deep international experience in finance, strategy, business development and consumer tech.

A graduate of Harvard University, a natural entrepreneur, successful company founder and team builder, a passionate sportsman and musician at heart, Mark knows first-hand the value of being able to experience the world and understands the role of speaking multiple languages in doing so.


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